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Tom Barr 120g Dutch Aquarium TankThis beautiful 120 gallon aquatic display was created by Tom Barr over at the Barr Report, you may have heard of him. Large manzanita branches form the hardscape and function as dividers for a colorful and high contrast array of plants in this Dutch-inspired tank. 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012 06:28

10g Aquatic Jungle Paradise

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10 gallon emergent aquariumDue to the popularity of our previous emergent growth aquarium space (Indoor Aquatic Rainforest), today we bring you BlueJack's "DirtLand," a 10 gallon jungle filled with both aquatic and tropical plants.

This small tank was picked up at a dollar per gallon sale as a dirt experiment for planted tanks, but turned into something truly astounding.

Wednesday, 04 April 2012 04:21

20g Aquatic "Rainforest" on a Dime

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20 gallon planted aquarium rain forestDubbed a mini "rain forest" by friends coming into the apartment, epiphyte's planted aquarium rainforest nestles into the far corner of a small living room.  

The area started with a 20 gallon aquarium tank on top of 2 Ikea tables, then expanded to a hodge-podge of random plants after purchasing a cheap grow light to use in place of a more expensive aquarium light.  More plants soon followed.
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